Paint Shop

Pete'sAuto Body Paint Shop

Pete'sAuto Body has a fully equipped paint shop. We can service all makes and models form start to finish with prestige. The paint shop specializes in collision restorative paint procedures. The paint shop can do collision restore, custom jobs, Scratches, and tinting.

Prep Shop

Our fully equipped prep shop ensures a quality start to your project.


Our Spray Booths

The final paint application is applied in the latest development in the refinishing industry, a Spraybake Down Draft Booth System. This unit brings clean dust-free air in from outside the building, filters it, heats it and filters it again before flowing over the car.

The exhaust is in the floor and has a complete water wash system to remove overspray before it is put back into the atmosphere. After spraying, the car is baked in the booth at temperatures up to 145°C to ensure a clean, high-lustre, durable finish.


We have two downdraft spray booths to accommodate all our clients efficiently and effectively. Our paint shop can also do custom work on motor bikes and snow mobiles.


Our Paint Station

Our paint line is a water born Dupont Colour Pro System.

Paint Station

Our own customized paint mixing station ensures the right colour and tint for your vehical

Paint Computer